Carlos Álvarez Las Heras (León, 1982) is a representational expressionist painter and sculptor who stands out for his particular use of color and the distortion of time and space. Born in the city of Leon, Spain, he moved to Madrid in the year 2000 to attend Cunef-Complutense University and graduated with the class of 2005. In 2002 Alvarez Las Heras participated in his first collective exhibition sponsored by the Complutense University in Madrid. Later that same year he held his first individual exhibit at the Torreblanca Gallery in Leon. After receiving several university painting awards and prizes he is invited in 2005 to hold and individual exhibition in Paris at the College of Spain. In recognition of his work Alvarez Las Heras is awarded the Medal to Artistic Merit in Plastic Arts. In 2006 and after his exhibit at the Padre Isla Gallery, he received the commission to paint a mural at the interchanger (station) in his native city of Leon. Titled Bienvenidos (Welcome), the mural measures 24 x 3 meters and projects an emblematic tour of the city of Leon. It took an entire year to complete this monumental painting. During this period of time he collaborated in the illustration of a book of poems, Mi Soledad Heredada by Maximo Cayón and designed the publicity and posters for the national convention of Montes de Piedad. In 2009 under the patronage of the Cervantes Institute in Manchester, United Kingdom, Alvarez Las Heras held and individual exhibition of his series The Legend of the Myth. Later that year a second exhibit is held at the Revellin Museum in Ceuta. In 2010 he is commissioned to decorate with his paintings the hall of the Madrid/Barajas Airport. More recently, his work has been influenced by his travels to Argentina, Turkey, Cambodia, and Thailand and especially by his several prolonged stays in the Dominican Republic. His recent series Corners (Vela-Zanetti Foundation 2012) is a showcase for his newfound eclecticism and color.

Exhibitions and collaborations

  • Complutense University, Madrid, Spain. 2002
  • Torreblanca Gallery, León, Spain.2002.
  • International Art Fair Mac21, Palacio de Congresos, Marbella, Spain. 2003.
  • Caja España Foundation –6 moths itinerant exhibition in several cities of Castile and León. 2004.
  • “El Articuario” Gallery, San Sebastian, Spain, 2004.
  • Alicante City Hall, Spain, 2005.
  • College of Spain, Paris, France. 2005.
  • Padre Isla Gallery, Spain.2006.
  • El Corte Ingles Foundation, 2006.
  • Cajastur Foundation, Asturias, Spain.2008.
  • Musaca Gallery, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. 2009.
  • Cervantes Institute, Manchester, England, U.K. 2009.
  • Revellin Museum, Ceuta, Spain. 2009.